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Dr. Robert Flood” is the nom de plume and public persona of one of the most successful turf advisors in history who works exclusively through Flood Racing.
A licensed veterinarian and graduate of a prestigious Southern university of veterinary medicine, he breeds and has owned thoroughbred race horses. Using his knowledge of the physical capabilities of horses, he has developed a special method that the average player could not possibly understand. Only someone with the structural knowledge, the insight into the signs horses give when they entering the top of their form cycle and the ability to combine that knowledge with handicapping skill could have developed this powerful winning system.
Dr. Flood’s interest in horse racing was fired early in life. As a child, he would often go to Oaklawn Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas, to watch his brother’s horses run. He developed a life-long interest in the sport and began studying handicapping. His veterinary education allowed him to see slight improvements or subtle hints in the way horses acted and reacted that indicated they were on the verge of improvement. By following ‘improving horses,” he was able to “catch horses” at their peak. And, because an average bettor without knowledge of horses could not possibly see these changes, he often found winners that paid longshot prices.

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